Impeachment of Paddy Quislings

Date:    24th September 2013

Ref:      MMD/LIR 1433 

Impeachment of Paddy Quislings

Like much of the population of Ireland I am deeply concerned at our drift to rapidly become slaves to Merkel’s cheque book leaving us with a Europe devoid of any other principals of humanity.  Would the impeachment of Taoiseach Enda Kenny be justified if one was to review his overall conduct as Taoiseach of the Irish Republic and its people?

He has shown total distain for the unreasonable cathartic suffering and mass suicide induced by his unremitting defence of the German driven austerity programme geared singularly to protect the financial interests of bankers and bondholders who gambled and lost like the builders.  Kenny willingly supports the enslavement of the ordinary people of Ireland without remorse.

The audacity of allowing his name to be mentioned without rebuttal as the favourite to become the European president is treasonous as he has done nothing to distance himself from this expose of his personal ambition.  It seems this would be his reward for betraying Ireland to Merkel.  His arrogant vanity is anti-democratic.  In his handling of Dáil matters he uses a threatening recourse to the whip.  This is further evidence of his contempt for Ireland’s democracy and the wishes of the ordinary people.

His rather silly estimate of the cost to the nation measured at approximately €20 million as being the cost of the Senate without a cost benefit analysis is clearly part the evidence of his remit to his chosen new masters in Europe as his willingness to reduce Ireland to being a County Council body in their future vision of Europe.  Our country is currently run by a Kenny driven union, pack of rather mediocre money only teachers.  Certainly no one could ever describe them as elitist.  They are simply a greedy pack hunters.  This is dangerous as Mr Kenny is happy to facilitate treasonous ambition while being paid by the democratic voters to be a Taoiseach in the service of our country.  Mr Kenny cannot have two masters.  Which does love the most?  Clearly it is Angela Merkel.  If that is so, that is treason.  The impeachment of Mr Kenny seems to be the only option open to the people of Ireland to protect our nation and its afflicted people from his willing manipulation of power by the current Dáil under the direction of Kenny to total loss of nationhood.

If citizens are interested in joining this procedure it is time to remove Kenny now and regain control of Ireland’s emissaries to EU.  The third war of Europe is underway.  It will truly be a war for the survival of small nations.  We had just about forgiven those that caused the first two world wars.  Now we have a third Euro war being thrust on us and it is the most insidious of them all.  We better stand up and fight now and clear the Paddy quislings from the Oireachtas.


Michael MacDonald B.Agr.Sc. – Mullingar / Cork

Putting Ireland First


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