June 25th 2014 – Public Banking for All Workshop.

A workshop hosted by Public Banking Forum of Ireland (PBFI) and Savings Banks Foundation for International Cooperation (SBFIC), a foundation set up by the German ‘Sparkassen’ or local public savings banks.

Presentations by

  • Niclaus Bergmann: Niclaus Bergmann

Managing Director of the Sparkassenstiftung für  internationale Kooperation (Savings Banks Foundation for International Cooperation, SBFIC) in Bonn, Germany.



See Niclaus Bergmanns press interview with The Irish Examiner

  • Dr. Jürgen Engel – SBFIC.  Title: A Proposed Concept for an Irish Public Savings Bank System.
  • Mark Fielding – ISME CEO
  • Ned O’Hara – Postmasters Union
  • PBFI
  • Discussions Chaired by Peter Mathews

Mark Fielding  ISME CEOMark Fielding ISME

Peter Mathews TD, Dr. Jürgen Engel, Tom O’Calaghan & Sean Fogarty Postmasters Union.Mat,Nic,Jür,Tom & Sean 

 Joan McGuire, Niclaus Bergmann and Claire KnowlesJoan,Nic,Claire

Joe Glynn  PBFI speaking with Noel Cahill NESC Sio,Joan,Joe & --- 

Dr. Jürgen Engel, Niclaus Bergmann, Peter Mathews TD & Jim MillerJür,Nic,Pet,Jim at table 

Kevin O’Brien of the Dept of Finance, Noel Kinaghan, Jürgen Engle and Paul Maher.DoF,Noel,Jür,Paul 

Some of the PBFI team with Niclaus and Jürgen.PB Team + Nic & Jür 

Jim Miller,  Niclaus Bergmann, Joe keane and Dr. Jürgen EngelJim, Nic,-----,Jür.JPG


Mark Dearey of The Green Party                         

attended the Workshop                                Joe Glynn & VescoMark Dearey          Joe & Vesco



May 2014 Fact Finding mission. 

Dr. Jürgen Engel of the Savings Banks Foundation for International Cooperation (SBFIC) Visits Ireland on Fact Finding mission. 

Dr. Jürgen Engel


Dr. Jürgen Engel studied economics in Germany and in Switzerland. He holds a PhD from Basle University, Switzerland, were he lectured in international and monetary economics. He gained more than 30 years of banking experience focusing on capital markets, credit and risk management issues. During his career he worked for  WestLB, Chemical Bank and Chase Bank in Düsseldorf, Brussels, London and NewYork. About 15 years ago he became independent banking advisor. Since then Jürgen has been coaching and training a number of financial institutions in the CEE and CIS regions. He is a frequent lecturer at international seminars and assisted the Savings Banks Foundation for International Cooperation (SBFIC) in various assignments supporting  local banking sectors and the development of emerging financial markets and countries in transition. Presently Dr. Engel is acting as project manager on behalf of SBFIC developing a project to support and build a locally diversified banking system for Greece.

Dr. Jürgen Engel – Two day meeting with members of The Public Banking Forum. Also attending was  Tom O’Callaghan Independent Postmasters Group, a representative for The Irish Post Masters Union, a representatives from Sinn Féin, The Green Party & Seamus Maye from the ISBA. 


Dr. Jürgen Engel PBFI - Sinn Féin & Green Party


February 2014 – Dr Thomas Keidel DSGV & Christopher Simpson CIVITAS speak at The Public Banking for Ireland Seminar hosted by The Public Banking Forum of Ireland

    Keidel & Simpson - DSCN0749 (2)

Keidel & Simpson 2- DSCN0750 (2)


Oct 2013 – Dr. Ellen Browns Public Banking Institute US visit to Ireland.

Ellen Brown - DSCN0707

Dr. Ellen Brown, James Devaney, Anthony Migchels & Cathal Spelman.



June 2013 Jim Miller formed The Public Banking of Ireland

Jim Miller

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2 thoughts on “Events

  1. Can I ask what is your position on the current quarterly charged imposed by the banks here in Ireland on peoples accounts who are expected to pay this charge if those accounts do not have €3,000 or more saved in their respective accounts.

    I am of the belief that nobody,apart from the very rich, can afford to have €3,000 saved in their accounts at the end of every month, who are exempt from this charge as a result, surely this form of elaborate social discrimination must be illegal.

    Should it not be the other way around i.e. that those who do not have €3000 saved in their not have to pay the quarterly charge and thoise that can afford to pay it.

    It would make more economical sense, giving those who can’t more spending power in the economy. I really do not know how they are able to get away with it?

    Let’s not forget what the banks did when people started cutting up their credit cards in favour of the no fee debit card during the early part of the recession, i.e. the banks decided to introduce a charge of 25cents on every debit card transaction which was previously free.

    Just when people were getting a hold on their personal finances the banks decide to screw the people further.

    Lets not forget the vast sums of money they earn on foreign exchange markets, and yet they are screaming poverty and we, the people, have to bail them out. Kind of a very despicable act if you ask me.

    SO what are you going to do about it?

    • Hi Adrian. Thanks for your comment. You will find no love for the private commercial banking system here. We don’t propose to change the current system; it is a private banking system & that of it which is not (AIB) is run as a private commercial bank and is being set-up for resale to the private sector. The governments we elect will change nothing either, a major mindset change is necessary before real change happens. The PBFI work to introduce new community banks to Ireland, similar to the German Sparkassen or Prof. Werner’s new community bank in Hampshire. We believe this is the only real long term option and hopefully, the credit unions & post offices will be part of the new system. Learn here from Prof. Werner the depth of the problem the commercial banking system is ‘Prof. Richard Werner – Banking Industry Exposed & Solutions Presented – Dublin 2016’ – … via

      A possible option for you is to join a credit union, they are now offering a lot of services & hopefully will offer more in the future.
      Gerry PBFI

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