The Real Banking Inquiry

The Real Banking Enquiry – Poster

The Real Banking Inquiry
Bailing out the self serving commercial banks destroyed this country.
• €70bn bail-out, paid by us
• State pension fund pillaged by €21bn
• Debt to GDP: 2008 – 25%, 2014 – 123%
• National debt now €203bn
€8bn per year interest on the debt
• Resulting, Austerity, Property Tax / Household
charge, Water charges
• Essential Services in chaos
• Ireland now controlled by the EU & creditors

Let’s ensure we are never deceived and held to
ransom in such a way again.

Help us introduce a Public Banking System to
Ireland that works for the people.

Spread the word.
Support The Public Banking Forum of Ireland
and make Public Banks a reality in Ireland.
Tel 087-254-5548 or 086-329-6806

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