Council Motion to Save the Post Offices & Secure their Long-term Future

The e-mail, proposed Council Motion and 2016 Dáil Motion, all of which are shown below have been sent to every Councillor in the 26 counties.

The e-mail asks every Councillor to bring the motion before their Council. The Council Motion calls for the enactment of the 2016 Dáil Motion to introduce the phenomenally successful Kiwi(Post)Bank model to the Irish Post Office Network to prevent closures & secure the long-term future of the network. The 2016 Dáil Motion was passed by 158 Votes (No amendments).

Please lobby your TDs, Senators and Councillors to support the Council Motion to enact the 2016 Dáil Motion to save the Post Offices & Secure their Long-term Future.


390 Post Offices were not offered a new contract, so they stay on old contract with reducing income or take the redundancy package.

This is an average of 15 POs per county that will inevitably close.

The long-term future of the remaining 690 is not secure – Their Government contract expires end 2019 – It then goes to tender and there is no guarantee An Post will win it.

PBFI is recommending the New Zealand Kiwi(Post)Bank model for the Irish Post Office Network.

Ideally suited to Ireland, similar population 4.69m people. – It’s a no-brainer!

  • Established in New Zealand in 2002.
  • Made over $7m profit in its 3rd year.
  • Now has 20% of the Banking Market & 25% of all bank customers in NZ
  • $100+m profits yearly in recent years.


Dear Councillor,

We have received requests from several Councillors enquiring as to what can be done on the Post Office closures issue.

Please find attached a motion that could be put before your Council.

The motion is in pdf. format; If you wish to edit it please contact me and I can send it in word format.

The Dáil Motion referenced in the proposed Council Motion is attached.

If any individual Council adopts the motion quickly with the stipulation that, if adopted, it will be circulated to all Councils seeking their endorsement by way of a Motion. It can then be dealt with quickly by other Councils under ‘Correspondence Received’, by way of a Councillor tabling a ‘Motion from the Floor’ to support the adopting Council.

Thanks and Regards,

Gerry Duddy

Secretary PBFI – Public Banking Forum of Ireland

Contact – admin@republicirelandbank.com


Dáil Private Members Motion on Post Offices – Nov 2016 – m111116COUNCIL MOTION ON POST OFFICE CLOSURES

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