CBDC/Cashless Society

Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

Prof Richard Werner issues warning about the central banks CBDC
Bank for International Settlements head Agustin Carstens about CBDC and control.
Cashless Society & CBDC Brings Total Centralised Digital Control of Your Every Transaction:

Physical Cash to be replaced by a ‘Programmable’ ‘Central Bank Digital Currency’ – Access possibly only via Digital or Biometric ID/Passport. It’s part of the plan of the unelected, unaccountable Central Banks & World Economic Forum (WEF) & their ‘Great Reset’.

Programmable means, they can control your ability to spend, travel, socialise etc. depending on your carbon footprint, your social credit score, your vaccine status or any other condition the Government/UN/WHO/WEF/EU etc. dream up.

Catherine Austin Fitts advises; “We cannot comply with any part of a financial control grid, …this is the fight for freedom and liberty,…”

Use Cash Everywhere, Everyday!

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