The Big Picture

Catherine Austin Fitts: “When the World Economic Forum says, ‘It’s 2030, and you have no assets…”

BIS & Central Bankers Engineering a Global Coup – Catherine Austin Fitts

Klaus Schwab World Economic Forum (WEF) – “We Penetrate The Cabinets”

KLAUS SCHWAB; WEF (World Economic Forum): “WE PENETRATE THE CABINETS” – “YOUNG GLOBAL LEADERS” & “The GLOBAL SHAPERS in 450 Cities around the World”

The Secret of Oz

The Truth Behind The Modern Financial System, and The Money-Political Complex: Winner, Best Docu of 2010 v.1.09.11

Where is Ireland heading & at what cost?

END OF NATIONS – EU Takeover & the Lisbon Treaty 

Guest Speaker: Jens-Peter Bond. Danish MEP

EU militarisation! Paul Murphy MEP

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