Getting the Public Banking message to all:


With a little help from everyone, we can make it happen! Much progress has been made; we now need to get the message to everyone.

  • Please print any of the posters below, or send it to your local print shop for printing, and display in your local area.
  • There are several posters to choose from; ‘The Real Banking Inquiry’, ‘Banking that is Different and Better’,  ‘Banking: Ireland V Germany,’ and, ‘Hey, did you hear?’
  • Please ask businesses in your area to display the poster.
  • Please forward to others and ask them to do likewise.
  • Please bring the Public Banking initiative to the attention of all community groups.
  • The ‘Briefing Document’ is a good place for someone new to Public Banking to start.

Get the word out, ‘there is a better way to do banking’; Germany proves it!

 Spread the word

With your friends, in your social circle and in the social media.

  • Inform your Political Representatives:

All Political parties have also been informed of the Public Banking project. You as a voter in their constituency need to challenge politicians on their position. Inform your local Councillors also and ask them to support the Public Banking project. Ask others of different political persuasion to inform their political representatives.

  • Upcoming Election:

It’s a great opportunity with the election coming up to talk to candidates and inform them they need to be supporting/promoting the ‘Public Banking Project’, if they want your vote.

  • Inform Business Groups and Businesses in your area.

Inform Business Groups, Social Groups and Community Groups.

  • Start or join a discussion group in your area.

There are many groups already established, to join, discussing a variety of social issues.

  • The Posters:

Ask your local Shops and Businesses to display a Poster.

To view full size and print: Click on the ‘Pop-out’ icon, top right hand corner of poster.

To E-mail: Save Poster to your computer to e-mail or send the link to the website ‘Spread the Word’ page. Link: https://republicirelandbank.com/?page_id=850

Spread the Word – Posters:

The Real Banking Inquiry – PosterThe Real Banking Inquiry – Poster

Banking Can Be Different and Better:Banking can be different and better!

Ireland V Germany in Banking – Poster

Banking Can Be Better:Banking can be better!

Hey, did you hear – Poster


Briefing Document:

The Briefing Document below, was updated Nov 2015. Contains a lot of useful information; a good introduction to Public Banking and the project. Three Political Parties are now supporting/promoting variants of the Public Banking proposal.

The Public Banking Forum of Ireland (PBFI) – Briefing Document 11-2015



Please do what you can,

It will make a difference!

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