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  • The public banking forum of Ireland is made up of people from many different professions, with vast experience in different walks of life, including; Marketing, Universities, Teaching, Banking, Military, Civil Service, Business, Press, Garda Síochána, International finance, The Trades, Arts and Science, Computers, The academic world, Engineering, Research, and others. Each and every one has some understanding of the problems which beset Ireland and the Irish people in 2013.

The Irish public banking forum was set up to bring knowledge, information and education to the Irish public through discussion and debate in the first place. The forum hopes to draw together all those people of similar mindset with a view towards real progress in this area. Inviting international experts to share their knowledge and expertise with us is one method we use to achieve our purposes. Cooperating with and interlinking with near neighbours who have similar goals, in Wales, Scotland and Holland is another approach.

There are obvious problems of unemployment, emigration and even suicide permeating through our society in 2013. Society is being stretched apart by debt, emigration and austerity, and at the root of this is both usury and the banking system, which has been authorised and allowed, to create money as debt, and as debt only. As of Sep 2013, many pundits believe that a Cyprusing of savers accounts is the only way which insolvent Irish banks can survive the next stress tests: securing savings and deposits must be core to future debate and actions.

Public banking offers us one part of a solution to our many problems. Creating money as a utility, (not as debt money) and ending usury is another part of the solution. Social Credit, Cyber Currency and alternative currencies are each part of the solution. Securing deposits is also part of the solution in the short term.

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  1. Hi,

    We(Sensible Money) are organising a conference on monetary reform in Belfast on Saturday 29th March 2013 at QUB Belfast.
    I’ll send you a detailed brochure as soon as it is available.

    Best Wishes

    James McCumiskey

    • Hi, Mark. Please note we do not give financial advice. The Sparkassen Public Savings Banks and the Cooperative banks in Germany cannot serve customers outside their designated regions. Also, as you probably know, the vast majority of Credit Union funds are in the dodgy ‘Pillar’ banks. Possibly the only reasonably safe savings option in Ireland is Post Office ‘Fixed Rate Products’ i.e. Bonds.

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