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Transcript from video:

3:30 minutes – Structure diagram
“Your monthly payments are called receivables. Your so called lender (the bank) does nothing else but sell these receivables. They are in fact never a lender their real and only purpose is to steal your promise to pay in form of a signed mortgage document also known as a “promissory note” so that they can flip it for cold hard cash; all they ever are is the originator at the outset scouting and securing new loans with deceptive advertising, in fact never lending anything.”
“It is actually you who is the lender, giving the only thing of real value in the transaction and that is your signed promise.”

Bank Fraud – Part 1 of 2. Securitisation


4:40 The purported “Lender” (Your Bank) then steps aside to function as the Manager and continue to appear as if they were the only party you are dealing with.

4:56 The Trusts function

The Banks Mortgage Securities Trusts function is to create the offers to then convert the stolen Promissory note to cash by issuing; hence called the Issuer Notes, a Security Instrument much like shares on ASX. (Australian Securities Exchange)

At this point youroriginal loan ceases to be a loan as it is physically impossible to be both a loan and a stock at the same time.”

“A mortgage cannot be both a mortgage and a listed security at the same time.”

5:20 The Trust gets established by the very party that pretends to loan to you. The moment your promissory note is sold and converted on the market in this huge pool with many others the Trust is paid in full and your loan amount has just been miraculously created from thin air. (i.e. bought by pension fund)

Bank Fraud – Part 1 of 2. Securitisation

Stage II

  • You start paying back the loan & start paying back the imposters a second time.
  • If your property is re-possessed the lender will sell your property and get paid a third time.
  • They also own the mortgage insurer who will cover them for any shortfall in the sale to then come after you for the full original loan amount again to get paid a fourth time.

6:20 “A mortgage cannot be both a mortgage and a listed security at the same time.”

8:30 The Trust was setup by the manager for the very purpose to flip the loans until it would cash and nothing else.

This constructed internal sale is in fact nothing than major tax evasion; as the seller is paid in full for your note totally Tax free and every time they click further principle payments from you.


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