The Church of England is also in the process of setting up a Credit Union

Archbishop wants Sir Hector Sants to lead financial services taskforce

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Former FSA chief executive Sir Hector Sants has been approached by Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby to lead a new financial taskforce, according to The Telegraph.

Sants, who resigned from his role as Barclays head of compliance and government and regulatory relations in November due to stress, is said to have been asked by Welby to lead the Archbishop’s Taskgroup on Credit Unions and the Financial Sector.

The Church of England is also in the process of setting up a credit union and it wants to use its 16,000 churches to grow the service.

Read full story here on MoneyMarketing



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Alex Templeton speaking at ECOBATE - UK - 2013

Councils should "bring local banks into being" so they can become "powerful partners" and promote economic, social and environmental benefits to their communities.

Published on Mar 21, 2013 Speaking at the 2nd European Conference on Banking and the Economy (ECOBATE) in Winchester, Alex Templeton, Director of the Farm Energy Project, explains how a disfunctional financial system has made it harder to lend to small businesses which in turn impacts communities.

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