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Kiwi(Post)Bank model can secure Irish Post Office Network’s future.

The Kiwi(Post)Bank model can secure the long-term Future of the Irish Post Office Network.    By the Public Banking Forum (PBFI) & the Independent Post Masters Group KiwiBank is New Zealand’s State-owned Post Office Bank Founded 2002 – A phenomenal success story. 500k customers in first 5 years – (NZ population 4.6m.) KiwiBank now has 20% of the Banking Market & …Read more »

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“Kiwi(Post)Bank Model would work in Ireland”

Kiwibank model would work in Australia – and in Ireland: In fact it’s exactly what we need to save the Post Office Network & Provide Competition in the Banking Market. Kiwi(Post)Bank Est. in 2002, now has 20% of the Banking Market in New Zealand. —– Kiwibank model would work in Australia: Kiwibank’s boss thinks the state owned bank’s business model …Read more »

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