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Shelter from the Storm

Any Bob Dylan fan will be familiar with the song title ‘Shelter form the storm’. Here’s where Germans took Shelter from the financial storm, back in 2008. In 2008 when the European private bank failure was unleashed on the public, €1bn in deposits came rushing in to the safety of the German Sparkassen Public Savings Banks in just a two week period. …Read more »

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Iceland Did Things Differently and …

Iceland Jailed Bankers and Rejected Austerity—and It’s Been a Success Posted on Jun 11, 2015 By Roisin Davis    Iceland’s unemployment rate of less than 4% is 40% of that of Ireland, even though we have JobBridge or as it is called by some ScamBridge. Click on Graph to enlarge:   Now, less than a decade later, the nation’s economy is booming. …Read more »

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AIB and its unpaid debts – ISME Blog Posts

Article from from ISME Blog Posts Word reaches us that someone has turned up the heat at AIB bank. No, not the office thermostat but the intensity of their pursuit of debtors has gone up a notch or ten in the last few weeks we have been told. Though the rest of us may call it the Season of Goodwill, …Read more »

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