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Public banks with focus on SME lending proposed – John Walsh, Business Editor – Irish Examiner.

Friday 27th June Irish Examiner A system of regional publicly owned banks with a focus on lending to the SME sector could play an important role in restoring faith in the banking system and supporting economic growth, according to a leading expert. Niclaus Bergmann, who is the managing director of the German-based Savings Banks Foundation for International Co-operation, was in …Read more »

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A post-bank alliance with social credits – Prof Ray Kinsella

Jan 7th 2013 – © Irish Examiner Ltd. All rights reserved An alliance between credit unions and the post office network could provide the most innovative and far- reaching initiative in Irish retail financial services for more than a generation. The contraction of the Irish banking network is irreversible and gaining in momentum. The footprint of the bank networks has already …Read more »

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How Irish credit unions are holding up against the financial crisis

Article by Paul Gosling 5 June 2014 Ireland has one of the world’s largest credit union sectors, per capita. While the movement is perceived to have been around for generations, the first credit union in the Irish Republic was actually started in 1956. Its roots were firmly in a co-operative movement, with co-operatives established in Dublin to promote jobs and economic …Read more »

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We need to change bank system – Barry Fitzgerald – Irish Examiner

Economist Jim Power says the ideas of independents and those who question austerity, etc, scares the living daylights out of him (Irish Examiner, May 28). He hopes all will return to normal and by 2016 the people will continue to go with the status quo of political parties. In 2008, when the bankster-engineered crash hit, not all of the people …Read more »

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