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Banks can become socially useful and local – Prof Richard Werner

Speaking at the Just Banking conference in April, Prof Richard Werner called for an end to the suppression and repression of the third sector, including mutually-owned financial institutions and credit unions, while also calling for the introduction of a “regime of credit guidance”. Werner, chair in international banking at University of Southampton School of Management and founding director of the …Read more »

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Securitisation: Bank Fraud – Lawyer – Free Speech Australia Transcript from video: 3:30 minutes – Structure diagram “Your monthly payments are called receivables. Your so called lender (the bank) does nothing else but sell these receivables. They are in fact never a lender their real and only purpose is to steal your promise to pay in form of a signed mortgage …Read more »

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‘Hands off KfW cask’, Higgins Tells AIB and Bank of Ireland.

‘Hands off KfW cask’, Higgins tells AIB and Bank of Ireland 16 March 2014 Statement by Senator Lorraine Higgins Euro Candidate for Ireland Midlands North West Need for business-focused bank to support growth in SME sector Labour European Candidate Lorraine Higgins has said that KfW funds should not go to the pillar banks of Bank of Ireland and AIB, but …Read more »

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