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What We Could Do with a Postal Savings Bank: Infrastructure that Doesn’t Cost Taxpayers a Dime

  Read full article on Ellen Browns Blog Web of Debt   September 23, 2013 by Ellen Brown The Unbanked and Underbanked: A Massive Untapped Market The “unbanked” are not a small segment of the population. In a 2011 survey, the unbanked and underbanked included about one in four households.  Without access to conventional financial services, people turn to an expensive alternative …Read more »

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The truth is out: money is just an IOU, and the banks are rolling in it.

The Bank of England’s dose of honesty throws the theoretical basis for austerity out the window. David Graeber, Tuesday 18 March 2014 ‘The central bank can print as much money as it wishes.’ Photograph: Alamy Back in the 1930s, Henry Ford is supposed to have remarked that it was a good thing that most Americans didn’t know how banking really works, …Read more »

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Should Ireland exit the euro zone? Prof. Ray Kinsella – May 20, 2013

Read full article on Irish Examiner Website   THERE are three reasons why a managed exit by Ireland from the eurozone is the most urgent economic priority. But first consider this reality. The German finance minister, under whom the euro was launched, Oskar Lafontaine, earlier this month called for its break-up. He asserted “the current policy is leading to disaster”. …Read more »

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Banking Union Time Bomb: Eurocrats Authorize Bailouts AND Bail-Ins by Ellen Brown

Read full article on Common Dreams website On March 20, 2014, European Union officials reached an historic agreement to create a single agency to handle failing banks. Media attention has focused on the agreement involving the single resolution mechanism (SRM), a uniform system for closing failed banks. But the real story for taxpayers and depositors is the heightened threat to their pocketbooks of …Read more »

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