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Made in Germany | A Regional Currency

Chiemgauer – Germany. A local debt free currency. Equivalent to €7m turnover in 2013. 3,700 Users – 650 Businesses.  •Supports Local Shops, Businesses & SMEs •Supports Local Suppliers •Money stays in the community •Promotes Community Spirit  

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Ready for Euro Collapse? Germany’s ex-currency alive & kicking

Published on Sep 2, 2012 While Germany is striving to make sure the Euro stays afloat, its old currency, the Deutschmark, is showing no signs of being discarded. RT’s Peter Oliver has the details of Berlin’s old school savings for a rainy day. 13 bn still in circulation.

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” the successful model of the German Savings Banks will be transferred directly to Greece .”

Meeting Stournara the administration of the German savings banks Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe By George J. Dimitromanolaki Two branches one in Patras and one in Northern Greece, Katerini promotes according to all indications, the administration of the German savings banks of the famous Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe. The administration of the German Savings Banks presented the Finance Minister Yannis STOURNARA a comprehensive plan for the …Read more »

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German public savings bank sets up 40 branches in Greece

Network of forty autonomous local branches planned for the Sparkassen Greece from 2014 onwards From Dimitri Katsagani If the older statesman etazan once to “every town and a university”, the current plan, together with German bankers, the European Union and those Greek businessmen still have some chapters in each county and a savings bank for the sake of SMEs in each …Read more »

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Post offices are too successful to be allowed survive, it seems. Liam Fay: LIAM FAY – PUBLISHED 01 MARCH 2014 02:30 AM Let Us Pay. Community Wants Motor Tax. Social Welfare not Government Welfare. A Safe Place To Save. As the placard slogans indicated, Wednesday night’s demonstration against post office closures, which saw hundreds of people gather outside Leinster House, was a remarkable event. The rally was powered by something very rare: a public desire …Read more »

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Michael Noonan is sending a signal out to Europe that Ireland can use another bank

Read full article on BusunessETC “I’m sending a signal out to Europe that a growing Irish economy has space for more banking activity and we would welcome their participation.” Please Michael make it a Public Bank  and not just more the same as we have!  

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